Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Autumn's Images (2)

Couple more images in my Autumn photography project.

A visit to my grandparent's country farm brought forth these photos. Take a looksy!

A beast of a horse my grandparents board. He has gargantuan nostrils.

Women love to touch his manly face, though his nose is massive and his whiskers are prickly.

 He is a fine fellow, who likes to chew corn husks, just like all sophisticated gentlemen. 
(Isabella, you're nuts. What are you even talking about?) 

 The neighbor's Alpaca. He is the male of the pack(a) of Alpaca. 
(What do you call a group of Alpacas? A herd? A flock? I think it should be a pack-a, for sure.)

 Frocklicking Mama and Baby.
(How does she frolic with all that hair in her eyes?! Skills.)

Corn, just like every good farm should have.

 My Grammie grows pumpkins and gourds (and like...everything.) and then displays them on her countertops.

Welcome to New England Fall! Stay tuned for more Images of Autumn!

*In other news, hello to my 39 followers! 39 is almost like 40, which is nearly like 50, which is close to (my goal of) 100!!!! Thanks for choosing to follow along with my crazy, ardent, artsy, passionate, outside the box, to the hilt life. Keep up the good work people!

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Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Aw I love New England I just remembered.


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