Friday, September 3, 2010

Amateur Photographer Isabella Kiss, aka "Mini Jeff"

I have a new nickname. It is Mini Jeff.

*Whuuuut??? Before you get too confused, let me explain.

Remember my Costa Rica trip? (*Say yes.) Do you remember how I was one of the photographers on the trip (*Yes again.) Do you recall mention of our AMAZING head photographer, Jeff Crandall? (*You should still be responding yes.) After the trip he pulled me aside and offered me something wonderful! He said he thought I had great potential as a photographer and he offered to take me on as an intern/apprentice/student of sorts! I get to be a Mini Jeff!

Now, if you knew Jeff, you'd know this was an honor. He is one of the greatest photographers in my state. He has done what he does for many years. His work is beautiful. And he wants to TEACH ME!!!!! 

He has let me borrow books and has given me assignments. He is letting me take a class with him. I am getting to do more and more photography with him at my church (big events and whatnot). He is going to take me to shoots, as well as to weddings!


I'm a little excited, if you can't tell. This is an amazing opportunity! I learn best when some one comes along side me, shows me how it is done, tells me what I am doing wrong or what small thing I might be doing right, and lets me work hard to improve. I don't do well with written instructions and I am not so great at just being told. But if someone can SHOW me and explain how things work, I catch on fast.

 *This is me showing my Youth Pastor (Not Jeff. Though Jeff did take this picture..) .how to do some basic things on a camera, in Costa Rica.

 I've realized I really like photography. Supposedly I have a good eye, but I really just like the creativity of it all. I thrive on the pursuit of artfulness. I don't have a *good* camera yet (my mom has been kind enough to share her Nikon D40 with me for the time being), but I'm saving up to get one. I am really pumped up to learn.

Due to all this exciting stuff, there will be a lot more photography posts on this blog. But, because I don't want to totally inundate you all with blogged pictures, I have also started up a flickr account.

Check it out. Leave me comments. Let me know if you have flickrs and I'll do the same for you!

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