Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh Little Darlin', do I have plans for YOU!

On the way home from vacation we stopped at a tag sale and I purchased what will be my next amazing project. This little darlin' here.

She looks like a piece of junk, right?

Well...yeah.She pretty much is. She's old, warped, dried out, smells musty, and is missing a chunk of the front.

It is okay. I only paid $1 for her. 

*(I also scored a Wilson's black leather jacket, that fits me perfect, for a dollar! My new favorite clothing item, just in time for fall!!!!)

But really, believe me, she has potential!

I am going to paint/decoupage her  into something beautiful. With a little love she will go from a junky little mini-dresser into the PERFECT (and artsy one-of-a-kind) home for all of my jewelry (which lives currently in our bathroom and takes up more space than I should have. 8 kids sharing one bathroom...5 of which are girls, ages 9-19. Yeah...).  And she'll look adorable in my room.

Ever since I saw a cute little dresser, much like this one, in Anthropologie that had been painted and covered in old sewing patterns, I wanted to make one of my own. I googled for some inspiration and found one of my new favorite blogs - Mod Podge Rocks! Who knew there were so many things you could (should!) use mod-podge to improve!!!!!!! Here are a couple pictures from the site of things with drawers...

Dresser, with paint an dictionary pages!
File cabinet, with fabric
Nightstands, with paint and scrapbooking paper.

Cool, huh? I haven't decided what color paint I will use (black? red? orange? green?), or what I will decoupage onto it...I'm thinking either newspaper or book pages? Maybe some black and white graphic-patterned scrapbook paper? What would you do?

This weekend I am going to hit up JoAnn's and buy some Mod Podge for wood and then begin my transformation. I'm so excited! I love redoing furniture! Pictures to come!


Amie said...

Decorating it with book pages would be SO you!

I am in the process of taking my old toybox (which had stickers all over it from when I was a kid) and stripping it, re-painting it, and adding Dora appliques for my little one. I would also have to reupholster the lid, as it has cloth on it. So I'm watching you for tips :)

chelsea rebecca said...

what an awesome find!!
and so many possibilities!
also i really love old looking furniture.. it'll be such a good project!

Lacey said...

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you better...

loved this post.. ;)


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