Monday, September 27, 2010

Featured by Mod-Podge Rocks!

 Yesterday evening Amy, of, was kind enough to feature my $1 Dresser Remake decoupage project on her Facebook site dedicated to Mod-Podge and the awesome things that can be done with it! 




" Mod Podge Rocks! A $1 dresser remake? Seriously? Wow!
You already finished?! It looks so good!!And I fully endorse the girliness of having an entire chest of drawers dedicated to accessories. Keep up the good work."

*look Sarah Louise, your comment went up too!

 Big thanks to Amy for putting me on her site and thanks to anyone who clicked her link (all 262 of you!), became a follower, and/or left me nice comments on the post! 


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...


That's what I got out of that post.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm too self-absorbed...

Mod Podge Amy said...

You are so cute. :D


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