Monday, September 6, 2010

Stats? Love 'em.

Have you noticed the new blogger feature?  


 It is over on the far right of your dashboard, after design and monetize. Just magically appeared! I was hesitant to try it at first; I haven't so much loved all of the changes blogger has made (the whole Design thing messed up my layout and like...everything), and I already can already track who is visiting my blog with my Site Meter and ClustrMaps. But, as I am visual and organized person who likes to see things charted and graphed, I tried it and it is actually VERY cool. You can see who is visting your site, where they are coming from, what hour the day the came at, and more.Your visits are laid out on easy-to-follow graphs. You can see you total visits, monthly visits, or who is visiting at the very moment you check. Entry Pages, popular posts, how people find you, and even a little map of traffic! The whole deal! You should give it a try!

I've been messin' around with it and it has been interesting to see (all in one, easy page) who and what has been going on at my blog. It was also intriguing to find that my MOST viewed post is the one I posted the short story about vunerability. The House of Windows one? The second most viewed is an awkward picture of my best friend, her (my...) brother and I by a camp fire. Weird...

In other news, yes, I'm back from vacation. It was wonderful. I am still trying to sort through pictures (over a 1,000...) and post ideas, but eventually I'll update you. If you can't wait to see pictures of my trip, I put 150 up on my Flickr yesterday.


Fashionable and me♥ said...

Nice blog!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I had no idea that they had stats on blogger! Thanks for the tip :)

Glad you had a great vaca!

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Whoa! I didn't know about that either! I wonder what else I'm missing...


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