Friday, August 27, 2010

Isabella's Imaginary Menagerie

I, Isabella Kiss, have added another critter to my list of wild animals I would like to keep as a pet (but cannot due to stuff...).


I don't quite know how he'd get along with my 3 cats (which I own in reality) and my chipmunk: Fiffer of Worcestershire, peregrine falcon: Frightful,  red tailed hawk: (has no name yet...), kestrel : (also would need naming), raven: Rune-ar, and baby black bear: Zalan...(all of which I dream of my mind...outside of cruel reality), but I still want one.

What would you name an (imaginaryily owned) fox? What should I name one...? I'll think on it...
And if you have any suggestions for my (not real) Red- Tailed Hawk or my Kestrel, feel free to let me know.

*image via WeHeartIt

**PS: I think the title of this post would make for a great TV show or something. If I actually had all these animals...

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