Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chipmunk Whispering for Dummies

Images via Flickr

No, that isn't me holding that adorable baby chipmunk. (Ha! my short, calloused fingers look nothing like that) But I so wish it was...

I found these pictures and just wanted to tell you that it IS possible

{for those of you who don't know I have tried--and failed--three times to 'train' a chipmunk. The plan was to get them to sit and my hand and/or do backflips on my shoulder. Names; Chippydip, Fifer of Worchestershire, and Fifer of Worchestershire the 2nd. Not sure why I tried this and called myself a "chipmunk whisperer"...? I just like 'em. And yes, I know they are wild animals. If Dave can have 3 talking and sweater- wearing chipmunks in his house, then I can have 1 nontalking one!}
My fifer the 2nd, let go because he was a failure of a backflipper. Fifer the 1st was an escape artist and got away before we ever learned about his potential gymnastic skills...

That lady rescued the little guy from a cat. (Hmm...if I send Tobin outside perhaps he can fetch me a chipmunk... Fifer the 3rd!!) She let him go, but how sweet is this moment where he is asleep in her hands!?

I'm telling you, it has to be possible to tame one. Someone has to have done it! It is just like... a high-strung, striped hampster! One day, ONE DAY I shall train a chipmunk, and he WILL do backflips and you will all be jealous.
The end.


Jen said...

These are beautiful! I love your name too... Isabella is so pretty!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and no I do not take any of the pictures I google all of them, lol... they're awesome aren't they!

Yay for writing!!! What genre? Do you write novels, short stories, etc?

Jen said...

Haha thanks to working off of a computer I am able to respond quickly and when newbies visit I love to commet back and let them know I appreciate the love!!

Oh my gosh I'm already liking you tons! I am also doing YA fantasy I just finished my first draft and I'm not working on revisions! That's exciting about sending out to publishers! Do you have an agent!

PS I'm now following you!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh my goodness, those are the sweetest photos! I want a pet chipmunk though I fear how he'd survive the wrath of attention-loving pug! xo katie

chelsea rebecca said...

haha oh my goodness this is too cute!
girl keep trying!! they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

as soon as I saw this in gmail buzz...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you try a hamster while you wait? :)


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