Friday, February 26, 2010

Latest and Greatest in the Amigurumi Collection...

Meet Harry Elephante.

He is my latest amigurumi and he will be joining Zatara Bear and Poptart Pig in a fundraising event for my family's 7th adoption (see my mom's blog).

I am rather pleased with how he came out. As I was making him, I was hugely concerned about doing a trunk (remember, I make stuff up as I go).

"maybe he can be a panda...or...a pig with giant, round ears or...uhhh...something with no trunk. GUYS, I'M SCARED!"- I complained to my sister 'Faz' and friend Trina.

But hey, he turned out okay!

Now I am getting bored with crocheting animals (although I still think a frog and a monkey would be excellent).

I think I need to take a break and knit something... I'm thinking a sweater for my little sister? *really, I want another sweater, but in order to get enough yarn to cover all of me it is like $50. Smaller people=less yarn=cheaper!*

Or make a...I don't know...I will figure something out. I just need something new to fixate upon. In the last month I have made curtains (it was an angry experience in which I spent a lot of time yelling "YOU ARE THE FABRIC OF BEELZEBUB! WOULD YOU PLEASE BEHAVE!?"), 2 pillows, and 3 amigurumis. Gotta keep busy!

*sorry about the bad lighting, Photoshop is in rebellion and won't let me edit.

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chelsea rebecca said...

these are too cute!!
you are so talented!


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