Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I trace the rainbow through the rain...

Last week, as I was busily moving my computer and all the things in and on my old desk, my 11 year old sister, T, walked into my room and said "WHOA, HOW DID YOU DO THAT!"

I looked frantically around and still had no idea what she was talking about. "Do what...?"

"How did you make that rainbow on the wall!?"

And there, above my computer, right where I had been sitting, was a rainbow.

I had a stack of CD's face up on my desk and the sun had peeped into my window just right, hit those CD's and caused this phenomenon of many colors on my wall.

It was a PERFECT Roy. G. Biv (anybody else learn the colors in order that way?) rainbow, directly in front of my face and I had been missing it.

Oh the simple things...


chelsea rebecca said...

i love this! it's all about the simple things! and how fun that whenever you are at the computer your day is instantly brightened by the lovely rainbow!

love that your sister had to point it out! too funny!

Isabella Kiss said...

yeah, it is a good thing i have a lot of sisters to point these things out to me when i am caught up in busyness :)

Stephanie said...

Ha! I remember roy g. biv. Cute! Thanks for stopping by, feel free to enter my giveaway if you're interested - who doesn't like free jewelry?
Nice to "meet" you Isabella!


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