Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Mr. Sun...

I am sick of winter.

I can't say don't like winter, I do like it. You need snow to snowboard. And for the WINTER OLYMPICS! But snow is something I can only deal with in moderation. December and the beginning of January are great, but there comes a point where enough is ENOUGH.
I'm at that point...

I live in New England; 'tis a strange place. We've had tons of snow this year and now the temperature has gone up just a bit and we now have rain. And slushy melting snow. It is disgusting.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THE RAIN. Rain is actually one of my favorite things in the world, but I like it better when it is a summery shower. Or a thunderstorm. I'd even take some 'April showers' (bring Mayflowers...but not Pilgrims...) right about now. Warm air, green grass, big drops of water, and it smells good afterward.

But all I have currently is February 'yuk rain' (yes, yuk with only a k.)with dreary skies.

My complaints about YUK RAIN are as follows;

It is ugly enough outside with the bare trees and dark skies, but now when I look out at my yard, it is only worse. We live on a back lot and the houses around us all sit on little hills...basically our yard is a collection of the neighbors' excess yard water. I am waiting for lilypads and maybe some koi fish to pop up in our front yard (magical!); we literally have a little pond going.

We also have a pebbly/stone dusty driveway and right now it is full of potholes/puddles the size of...aardvarks (that was the only thing of relative size I could think of earlier today when I was trying to describe them?).

Yesterday I went to the gym and when I came out it was pouring. I walked to my car hoisting up the bottoms of my too long yoga pants (I'm short. And I do not believe in dignity.) so they wouldn't be wet as I drove home.

When I drive in the rain I put my wipers on max speed and then they squeak. I am really OCD about having the windshield clean, otherwise I end up intently looking at the paths the water droplets make, instead of like...the road.

I want spring (summer would be nice too...). A few days ago it was 42 degrees and sunny (no rain! no snow!) and I got so excited I drove with my windows down.

Yesterday I cut the bottoms off some jeans in hope of soon wearing them as cut offs (yup. I do that. Cuts offs and boy's cargo shorts. With converse hightops. And I like it, so shhh.)

Over the weekend I bought a red gypsy-ish skirt and I cannot stop thinking about wearing it (which it bizarre, because I don't even like skirts...they are like a 4 times a year event for me. I think it is more the color that has me excited. Or the gypsy look.)

I am longing to see the sun again. Winter needs to be over. Now. Unfortunately, I have to wait for March 20th for it to be official.


Maybe if I start wearing cut off jeans to the gym my pants won't get as wet...?????


Brick Walker said...

Cardio doesn't allow jeans on their exercise floor. Sorry.

Isabella Kiss said...

i was joking. i know they dont allow jeans. :/

Chloe Grace said...

I love rain too! it's definitely my favorite thing..


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