Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flaming food and birthday wishes.

Yup. I'm nineteen now. Good stuff, I guess.

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of 7 people (and 1 being carried) marching up my stairs singing "happy birthday" (we do this in my family. they show up in your room, singing, and hand you a plate of flaming food...), carrying a tray of coffee and a cup of pineapple with candles stuck in it (pineapple because I don't really like breakfast, but pineapple is accepted at any time of day and it is easy to stick candles in).

Then my mother takes pictures with her paparazzi camera. Nothing like a photo shoot in the early morning...

*my eyes are scary, but this is me and Avi blowing out the birthday pineapple. looks like a glowing cup of something dangerous...

Ate the food, opened the gifts, spent morning putting away gifts and doing stuffs.

Went to lunch with my parents at a Mexican place called Azteca (decent food. I had quesadilla del mar-basically a quesadilla with grilled shrimp in it. Churros for dessert.) best part was when a guy made, from scratch, guacamole at our table. And it was GOOD. Very good.

Spent the rest of the day setting up/attending an annual worship team meeting at my church. Normally I am a singing keyboardist, but when situations needing creativity arise I apparently become the interior designer. With the help of a couple team mates, 'Mopeeps,' 'Brick,' and Jonathan, we moved couches, hauled out cafe tables, rolled and unrolled and rolled some more rugs, and lit lots of candles. And step up enough tables and chairs for 40 people.

The wonderful Mopeeps showed up with cupcakes and balloons for me. She is wonderful, did I mention that? And they are the coolest balloons ever; tyedyed balloons?! Did you know they existed?

Then we ate food and talked about worship team things....

Overall, good birthday. Little busy, but good. Now I just need a day to use up some gift cards that are not so patiently waiting in my wallet.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!


chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness that sounds so wonderful!!
i love that you get breakfast in bed!
that is the cutest!!
glad you birthday was a success!
{you're only 19 365 times!} aha!

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Happy 19th Bella!!!! Enjoy your last year as a teenager! :-D


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