Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is anyone out there as exxxxxcited as I?


I am an Olympics fanatic.
The opening ceremonies are tomorrow night. Then comes the exciting stuff.

Now, first you must know I am a person who watches very little TV. Very little. I am far too busy to keep track of the 'lives' of Jack Bauer, people on some a remote island for some unknown reason, and form of super hero, or anything/anyone else. What I watch is occasional, sporadic, and is usually on the Discovery Channel or involves Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes.

You must also know I would much rather play any sport (maybe not well, but that doesn't stop me) than watch one on TV for any extended period of time. I only watch major sporting events, like the Superbowl, or World Cup (also fanatical about that. but we can discuss that in June!).

But the Olympics, especially the winter ones, are a serious love of mine.
The official site of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics is already short cutted on my desk top.

I have the snowboarding schedule written out in huge, sharpie-d letters, stuck to my desk. (I really hope I don't have to watch any members-whose initials were L.J- of team USA fall on their faces and lose gold because of pride like I did last winter olympics...anybody else remember that? I was screaming at her through the TV) TV coverage schedule will be printed, highlighted, and stuck near my TV.

I am already plotting what I have to do to be able to be home (because I am Tevo-less) next Wednesday night to watch the men's Halfpipe event. And women's on Thursday.

I am already predicting that Apolo Ohno will win every men's speed skating event, or at least most of them, because that is just what he does.

And I am fully intending to sit up my butt, in front of a TV, every night for the next couple weeks. And maybe even several hours on the Internet watching replays, reading recaps, and just over all obsessing about the whole deal.

I will watch all and any of it, but especially SNOWBOARDING (on one of the worlds best mountains- Whistler.) and speed skating. Those are my favorites. I think luge and bobsled are highly entertaining; those guys are crazy! Curling makes me laugh because it is so random. Swimming is sort of dull. Hockey is good. I think track shouldn't be in the winter sports. Skiing is cool, but not as cool as snowboarding. I think there should be a snow volleyball event. And this year I am going to watch Figure Skating because last year I did 8 levels of basic figure skate training (more to say I have done it, than actually wanting to.) and I now have some amount of appreciation for what they do. Even if they scare me.

Anyway. You will probably hear a fair deal about my Olympic addiction over the next couple weeks. I just thought I should prepare you. Anybody out there as amped up as I am? If not, I will try to change your mind before the closing ceremonies come around.

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I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics! Ice hockey is my favorite Winter Olympic sport. However, it is also fun to watch the sports I don’t normally see, like bobsledding, luge, and curling. Go USA!


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