Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Driftwood and Breakfast Snack

Meet Zatara Bear and Poptart Pig, my latest Amigurumi creations.

This little critter will not be found on etsy, but instead will be used in a fundraising attempt for my famlys adoption to Ethiopia.

I had never done a pig before, so Poptart was a first attempt. I like her ears. Her name is Poptart because...she is pink and I once claimed I would name twins Poptart and Green Monkey...my poor future children...

And bears are my favorite to make. But Zatara (yes, like the nickname given to the Count of Monte Cristo by smuggler Luigi Vampa, meaning Driftwood. Love that book/movie) is especially adorable. I love his eyes.

Still trying to figure out if I can make an elephant, because I bought some excellent blue yarn. And I think a frog would be cute too?

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