Monday, February 15, 2010


Has someone ever said something to you that has just stuck with you for years? Even someone who isn't a teacher, a public speaker, a pastor, or a celebrity? Someone you weren't even friends with, or didn't even know? Someone unlikely? Just someone random?

There have been times where someone has just popped into my life and said something that I can never forget.

One of those times was in 2006.

I was on a 10 day missions trip in Morelia, Mexico. There at Vida Abundante church I met a girl named Pia. She spoke a fair amount of English and she would sometimes help our team translate, as we all spoke very little Spanish.

I don't exactly remember what day of the trip it was, but it was mid morning during what we were calling a "Sports Clinic" (a basketball and soccer/futbol camp at the church for neighborhood youth), and me, Pia, and a leader on my team were sitting in the shade, just talking. The leader asked Pia (who I think was about 17...? I was 15 and I recall her being slightly older than me...) a question somewhere along the lines of "what do you want to do with your life?"or "what will you do once you graduate?" or know those questions...

Her answer,
"I want to make God smile."

Simple. Straightforward. And totally genuine.

The young girl could barely speak English, and yet, she said one of the things that has stuck with me for years. I'll never forget it. I had never heard it put that way. Actually, I had never even thought of God with a smile on his face.

She found her joy in God and knew that above all else she wanted to bring Him glory. To make Him happy. To make Him smile.

Me too.


Saminda said...

Hello! I've been a follower (and blog friend) of your Mum for ages and thought I'd pop over to say hi! I really enjoyed this post - I too have a dream, to make God smile. What a wonderful answer that girl gave.
Feel free to come visit me at my blog if you like. :)

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks for stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Lately I have been thinking about, and praying that I would be pleasing in His sight. Truly blessed is someone who is granted: "a heart that followeth hard after thee."Ps 63:8 If the Lord joys over us with singing, (Zeph 3:17) surely He does smile. Rejoice in this passage means to literally spin around, or twirl. God twirling and dancing over you, singing over you.
Remember Hebrews 1:9 and Psalm 45:7, smiles usually accompany gladness and rejoicing, especially of that magnitude.


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