Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What has 2 thumbs and a sock monkey on her head...?

...My cousin Julia!

My cousin has a thing for sock monkeys. More of an obsession actually. Not sure why, but the point is she like them a lot. So my aunt, after reading my other animal hat blog posts, put in a custom order request for one very spectacular sock monkey hat, complete with ear flaps, pompoms, and button eyes!

So, I pulled up a couple google image as inspiration and did my magic.

And look! She looks AWESOME (just look at how amazingly she coordinated her outfit of outerwear to her hat! Obviously we are related.). And so does the hat I made! 

Still open to more suggestions and CUSTOM ORDERS!!!!!

*photos courtesy of my aunt. Thanks to both of you two!!

1 comment:

Ramsey said...

That's exactly what I need. A monkey on my head... I did see a man with a chicken on his head advertising a Dominos special on a street corner today. We made eyes. It kinda made my day.


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