Friday, February 11, 2011

The Return of the Adventures of Emikel and Jro...

Oh yeah. We are bringing those posts least today we are!

On the afternoon of my 20th birthday Emily and I went out gallivanting through Savers (and briefly Forever 21). We like to play a game called "PICK OUT THE UGLIEST THING(S) YOU CAN FIND, TRY IT ON, AND TAKE IDIOTIC PICTURES." (you can refer to it a "POTUTYCFTIOATIP" for short, if that is easier to remember.)

We are pro at this game. We have been at it together since like sophomore year of high school. If there was a world championship for picking out ugly clothes and photographing each other in them I am SURE the two of us would win.

The evidence looks as thus:
 Super hot, uber attractive rainbow outfit 1.
 the (very slimming) rainbow poncho of major beauty
 no. words.
 who doesn't want a shirt you can play eye spy on...? 
that isn't like the most awkward thing ever...

 I have to admit, I liked the shape of this dress but the pattern was like...I can't even make my brain form a sentence to describe its beauty.
 I could list like 62 and a 1/2 things that are wrong with this outfit.
No. I am kidding. Obviously I could just never wear this in public because I look so hot that peoples faces would melt off. And that would just be cruel of me to do to humanity.

 This is what I would wear if my name was SallysSueRupertstein. 
Or if I was going to prom in the 80's. 
Or if I liked really ugly dresses that were super itchy and had bizarre necklines.
Or if I was in a remake of Pretty In Pink. 
Or if I even wore the color pink at all.

 "dear stirrup pants,
You should not exist.
At least go back to the 90's and stay there. No one likes wedgies on their feet.
emily and bella"
 What is the only difference between my best friend and a F21 mannequin? 
Easy. Emily doesn't have pepto bismol skin. 
(and she isn't bald would be another acceptable answer!)
That is just one of the many reasons I love her.

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Julia said...

Those are hilarious! My sister and I were cracking up looking at them!


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