Friday, February 25, 2011

If I were a pillow...

... I would be this one. 
American girl, but British at heart.


Just thought I'd share. Now onto my English class homework...


ladaisi said...

An excellent pick!

Your personality really pops out of this blog page! And, not to sound too personal as we have just met. . . what really won me over is your quirky sense of humor.

I am a follower.

I must follow anyone who begins a post with . . .if i were a pillow.

Can't wait to read more, hon!

- Lauren

PS Watership Down is an incredible book. I am also very fond of Poe's mysteries. The lesser-known Poes.

Rach said...

Love the pillow, so adorable. I must ask 1 question --- Did you make it?---

Isabella Kiss said...

haha, thanks lauren!
and rach, no i didn't make it. i WISH. the source of the photo is beneath the shot. i was just internet coveting it.

maggeygrace said...

Cute pillows are the best ;) I'm quite partial to everything from Urban in the home department. Soo cute!

Rylie Renee said...

i really like your blog!



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