Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay...I know the post should have been yesterday but whatever. I wasn't home. Bear with me.

I also know that the post title is really weird and kind of lame, but this whole post is going to be kind of lame. I cooked Monday, but what I did cook was a last minute attempt and sort of a cop out.

I had a long weekend and I didn't think much of what I would be making on Monday, like I normally do. So Monday morning came around, I headed to school, and still had no idea what I would do. When I came home I found some chicken thighs defrosting in the fridge and I decided I would make use of 'em. I jumped on really quick and typed in the words "CHICKEN THIGHS, POTATOES, RICE" (as I thought that sounded like a good idea).

The search pulled up THIS recipe, from my favorite (British) chef, Jamie Oliver-Crispy and Sticky Chicken Thighs with Squashed New Potatoes and Tomatoes.

The name was a bit of a mouthful, and I was a little unsure of mixing potatoes and tomatoes, but I never argue with a British cooking man, especially not Jamie. I assessed the recipe and found I had all the ingredients (only different is I didn't have fresh oregano-"Or-egg-on-ohh" as Jamie pronounces it- so I substituted dry. Would have been better the other way, so dinner was on its way.

 The aforementioned "oreggonohhh"- it went in like EVERYTHING.
 Potatoes. Red ones. He said use "new potatoes" which I am pretty sure are just smaller red ones? I just cut mine smaller and worked with what I had.
 Some chicken thighs, partially cooking on the stove.

 Tomatoes in boiled water, chillin'
 MAGIC HAPPENS! The skins pop and want to be pulled off. So that is what you do, pull them off. (also, he used cherry tomatoes, and I didn't have those. So again, just cut them smaller).
*cooked some seperate from the meat. (and for the record tomatoes and potatoes not only sound nice together, but they are tasty too. Especially with the splash of red wine vinegar. I found them to be most delicious.)
Also, aside from Jamie's recipe, I cooked up some brown rice (the meal was looking too small and needed another side dish).
 (yeah, we store rice in cookie jars. Not weird at all...)
 Brown rice + baby portobella mushrooms, onion, oregano, garlic powder, olive oil, salt &pepper.

The meal was tasty, but it was a pretty lazy attempt at cooking. I mean I cooked it but it was super easy. I usually like to enlarge my skill set. That is sort of the point of this whole cooking quest of mine: learning.Cooking rice and chicken is no big deal. Not sure it qualifies as me being awesome as I cook? Regardless, I kept to my AwesomeMonday Night routine and my family was fed, so I guess that means it was successful?

But you guys gotta help me out. I am running low on ideas, and anything I do think up is pasta (home made macaroni and penne with vodka sauce will be in the near future).

HELP! Do you have any favorite recipes, or is there a particular dish you'd like to recommend I try? I would love some suggestions!

What will I cook next AwesomeMonday? No one knows!

Me included...


Carissa Clark said...

So great, i love this.

Annie Chase said...

I think you will REALLY like this :)


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