Monday, January 31, 2011

"I'm not dead yet!"

This post has nothing to do with the Monty Python movie I just quoted, but yes, I am not dead. Not yet. All of you might be by the lack of commentation going on but... I'm still here.

I spent all of last week with a large (empty, except for me) house and a Portuguese Water Dog. A good portion of that time I spent snowed in with the dog. (Long story short, the house I was sitting for has a lllooooooooooonnng, curvy, extreme hill-type driveway and when we got over a foot of snow all at once-on top of a layer of ice- it took the hired plow guys 2 days, total of about 8 hours to get me out. Oh. MY.) Needless to say that puppy, Madison, and I had a lot of bonding time.

Here she be...

 And here is a video of Madison and I that pretty much summarizes both our feelings on being snowed in. She had grabbed a squeaky toy and wanted me to play with her. But each time she bit down on it and heard its sound she would go into a fit of howling and other unidentifiable noise. I'm not sure if it was out of joy or agony but...? It was funny. Watch.

Anyway, I am now home again and am back to normal life of work and school. Now excuse me I need to go brace myself for another snowstorm. Tomorrow. And Wednesday. I am so over winter right now...

ps: I am not "awesomecooking" this week (and last week I wasn't home) due to the fact my mom wants to eat up a bunch of left overs. But next week I plan on tackling a mega super complicated meal to make up for it. Stay tuned!


Sofia said...

What a cute puppy!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh!!!! I love herrrr....!!!!♥


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