Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Letters of genuine concern

I am notorious for letter writing. I don't mean I send a lot in the mail (though I am beast at that), I mean I often talk to inanimate, unreal, or distant things and tell them my feelings in letter format (", Bella").
That being explained, here are some of my feelings today. 

Dearest Groundhog,
Early spring?  
Really? I don't know if you've looked outside lately, oh ground dwelling animal called "Phil," but there is 4 feet of snow in my backyard. Maybe in PA where you are it is lovely and warm, but here? Not so. School is canceled today. And was yesterday. Maybe tomorrow as well. I think you know even less about weather than the weathermen.
Hey, maybe I am wrong. I just cannot see spring anywhere in sight. Forget spring, I cannot even see THE GROUND!
Thanks for your prediction, but...go back to bed. You crazy.
Isabella Kiss

Dear Handlers and Interpreters of  Punxsutawney Phil,
How do you know what the groundhog sees and does not see?
Where did you go to school to learn to interpret the inner thoughts of rodents?
With Concern,
Isabella Kiss

Dear Germans who came up with this tradition,
Ummm...what were you on when you thought it was a good idea 
to ask fat, hibernating mammals about the weather situation?
No comment,
Isabella Kiss

Dear Al Gore and anyone who is concerned about global warming,
There is nothing for me to even say to you.
Go sit in a snowbank and think about it.
No words,
Isabella Kiss

Dear Spring,
Despite my doubts, I really, really, really do hope you show up soon.
I am sick of snow. I am sick of it getting in the way of my life. 
I am sick of everything being canceled. And I'm cold.
While I don't have much faith in groundhogs, I do have faith in God 
and I really hopes He brings some spring soon! Please.


Honor said...

Hey thanks for the comment, my shoes are actually from Topshop, but they do have that DM look about them
Your letters are so witty, I agree with the Groundhog, although living in England I can't justify it but it is not going to be spring anytime soon I'm afraid :(

Anonymous said...

that is one, big, FAT groundhog! so cute!!♥

Angela said...

Hi! New to your blog today. Your letters are too funny.... I REALLY hope spring does come early... but... I'm seriously doubting it this year. :)

Better Than a Milk Mustache

Ramsey said...

That picture is kinda the cutest thing ever. It makes me want to watch the movie "Groundhog Day" so bad! What a day to make a movie over, right?

chelsea rebecca said...

hahah oh goodness i love this!
and i love that the letters all connect! i cannot believe its gonna be an early spring!


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