Monday, February 7, 2011


*post also known as why I should rename my blog "My Name is Narcissist."

I got a hair cut.

A drastic hair cut. As in I hadn't had one since August. You would think I would get more hair cuts, as my best friend is a hair stylist, but no. I tend to take it to extreme length and then chop it all off. I like the way it feels. So liberating.

That is how I feel right now: liberated. And awesome.

For the past month or so I have been talking to her about cutting it. Not only cutting it, but cutting it different from my normal, long and slightly angled look. I have been emailing her sketches and photos I've jacked off of people's facebook's. I had a folder on my computer going call "Bella Needs Bangs." Finally I decided this weekend was time. My 20th birthday is coming up in a few days and I needed a change. A make-over, or something.

So I got me some side swept bangs and a whoa lot of layers. Happy birthday to me.

Now I'm a couple pounds lighter, my hair is 5 inches shorter, and a whole lot more fabulous.

This is what I started out with. Lots, lots, lots of long, mostly straight, brown hair.
 Me...or Cousin It from the Adamms Family
. Please note, those are my "bangs" previously.

 Just look at all that LENGTH!

And so it begins, in Salon De Emily (aka the living room of my hair stylist bestie)
 ohhhh this is only the beginning.

 You know you trust someone when you let them near your face with a glinting straight razor.
You really know you trust somebody when they admit to watching Sweeney Todd the night before and you STILL let them near your face with said straight razor.
Yup, this is REAL friendship, folks.

 Good bye forehead! Hello bangs!
  (which I haven't had since kindergarten/1st grade, by the way.
"these are not your first grade bangs."- says emily).

 That, my friends, is a LOT of hair not on my head.
"lets make a wig! and name him Merv!"-says bella
"Sorry, I left a toupe on your living room floor, Mr. H******"- also says bella to emily's dad



I do not miss my forehead at all. I was nervous that I might not like bangs but, man, do I ever. Like bangs, that is. I don't know why I was putting up with an unfabulous forehead for the last 15 years. What lameness.

Now I feel all edgy and fashionable. My bangs are awesome. My whole head is awesome!

*and emikel, you are awesome too!

Now I should be all set for another 5-6 months. Or something like that...


emily michael said...

1 - I love it! iloveitiloveitILOVEIT!
2 - I love the pic of me and you, and me holding all your hair foreward and the tip of my tools shinning brilliantly!
3 - I bet your first grade self is pretty jealous of your bangs.
4 - yes, I am commandeering some of these :)
5 - :D

hopephipps said...

I am the same way with hair cuts! I haven't cut my hair since August either! But your hair looks so good! love it!

oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog! :)

haze said...

oh dear, i love the bangs :)♥

Saminda said...

I had a fairly drastic cut recently too. Doesn't it feel wonderful?!

You look so brilliant! :) xx

Kathrine said...

Your bangs are great! You have beautiful eyes, and the bangs accentuate them. :) I had hair like yours, and cut it all off! Now I have a pixie cut and totally love it. I would not go back to having long hair. (well, not MY long hair anyway)

The Suburb Experiment said...

Your bangs do look good. They frame your pretty eyes!

Isabella Kiss said...

@ em- oh you. knew you would.

@hope- thank you. i love the drastic feeling of going from really long to suddenly something different.

@ haze and saminda- thank you! it does feel ever so wonderful.

@ Kathrine and the suburb experiment- thank you so much. I am having so much fun with bangs. Although they tickle my eyelids strangely sometimes!


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