Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Declare nothing to be impossible!

In a previous post, titled Chipmunk Whispering for Dummies, I mentioned how I think a chipmunk would make a fabulous pet. And how I think one should sit on my shoulder and do back flips. And how I have tried this several times and have failed miserably.


Well, not the back flipping bit, but the training, and even the trick doing. A random google search produced this result; How to Teach a Pet Chipmunk Tricks. And it is listed as Moderately Easy! Here, take a looksie. I know you, like me, are dying to try this on your very own pet chipmunk.

Teach Your Pet Chipmunk to Eat From Your Hand

Step 1- Sit very quietly near your pet chipmunk's cage. This will allow him to become accustomed to your presence while he feels safely enclosed in his cage. I did this! Just like a REAL chipmunk whisperer...

Step 2-Let your pet chipmunk become accustomed to your hand by feeding her a peanut while she is still in her cage. This is where things went down hill. My hand was in the cage, all nice and still. The door was cracked open, obviously, because my hand was attached to my body, like it normally is. Fifer sat there all nice and calm (little liar) and then he *VOOMED.*  On my hand. On my arm. On my head. Onto the deck railing. Off and into the the woods. No more chipmunk, so you can skip the reading of the rest of the steps if you want.

Step 3-Take your pet chipmunk out of his cage and put him on a tabletop. Make sure he is accustomed to you and is unafraid of your hand.

Step 4-Lay your hand on the tabletop near her with a peanut resting in your palm. In time, she will want to investigate the goodie in your hand.

Teach Your Pet Chipmunk to Come When You Whistle
Step 1-Make sure your pet chipmunk has mastered his first trick before attempting to train him to come when you whistle.

Step 2-Whistle a simple tune every time your pet chipmunk comes to eat a peanut out of your hand. Be sure to whistle the same tune each time so she will connect that tune with the treat. What tune would you whistle, if you had a chipmunk to whistle to? I'll have to think on this one... it would probably be some ridiculously complex piece of classical music...but that would mean I would have to work a lot on whistling,  as I am pretty awful at it right now.

Step 3-Stand a little further away every day. Gradually increase the distance between you and your pet chipmunk. Eventually he should come running across the room when you whistle.

Step 4-Try adding a new tune once he has successfully mastered coming when you whistle. If you are patient and persistent, you may succeed in training him to come when you call his name. *ohhh Fifer of Worchestershire the 3rd...*

This all sounds great, right? Now you want a pet chipmunk? Well, unfortunately it is mostly not so very legal in most states. Darn.
MY PERSONAL STEP ONE: before I try and take this intense quest on again, before I get me a magical flippin' rodent, I need to find a new state to live in...


Tay in Real Life said...

awe he's so cute :D

Wide-Eyes said...

i wish i had a chipmunk to train....but i'm not sure my dog would be very happy with it XD

emily michael said...

Jro, obviously you should whistle a tune about Christmas and hoola hoops ;)


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