Monday, May 3, 2010


The weather here has been really humid lately. Some days rainy, some days sunny and a good many days cloudy. Yesterday was around 80 degrees and sunny, with humidity levels of...I don't really know, but I am going to say levels similar to a sauna. Just...sticky.

I don't usually like to wear shorts. It is near impossible for me to find any I like and even when I do they certainly don't do my short, white, dancer-muscley legs any favors. I make it through most of the summer in jeans. But yesterday was an occasion well worth the wearing of some cut-offs.

When I got home from church (*I was at church all day. 2 services in the morning, missions meeting in the afternoon. Sound check. The youth group at night. This how I do Sundays) around 9:00 my room was toasty roast, to say the least. I am not fond of AC or any type of forced air, so I popped open a window, set the ceiling fan on high, and dealt with the sauna-likeness by sleeping in pajama shorts and a tee shirt and using minimal blanket coverage.

This morning I come downstairs to join in some birthday festivities for my now 9 year old sister still in these aforementioned pajamas. Everyone is gathered around the kitchen table watching Gianna open presents. Avi, the 2 year old genius and constant comedy act, is seated in her high chair, holding onto a giant, purple bouncy ball that belongs to the birthday girl. She looks at me a little funny and says,

"Hi Bella! Where's pants?"
(Grammatical Translation and Two-year old correction; "Hi Bella, why aren't you wearing any pants?")

This is a question I frequently ask her, when she is running around in just a onesie (which at two, is somehow justifiable). Apparently she hasn't really ever seen me in shorts (or doesn't remember last summer) and was greatly confused by why her 19 year old sister's legs could be seen. Thanks Avi. Guess my shorts weren't good enough for you. I'll go put some pants on for you now, so you can stop being afraid of my legs.
Kids. Funny creatures they are...


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