Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh technology...

If you give a two year old a web cam, she is going to want some more technology to go with it.
So she will take your cell phone, open it up, and say "HI PEOPLE ON THE PHONE."
Then she will open up your inbox and try and send a respond text to your friend Sam.
But you should stop her before the nonsense it sent, lest the friend think are insane.

Then she will make her "shock face."

 Then you will scowl at her, and she will laugh hysterically at your horrendous looking face.

Then she will go back to taking your cell phone. And then actually dial a number involving lots of 4's and 1's. Then she actually hits send, and you take it away and quickly hang up before your little sister starts conversing with random strangers.

But you love her, a lot, so you will give her that web cam and that cell phone all over again....until she demands that you open up You Tube and watch Sesame Street monster videos with her. Then you draw the line and say, "get off my computer, kid and go read a book."

Oh, what has technology done to the children?

1 comment:

beka said...

LOL! Ha, yes, that's where I draw the line, too. But my youngest sister is like 9, so I don't have her asking for sesame street, it's other things! Like...how to play a mountain dulcimer. :P


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