Saturday, May 15, 2010

Refridgerator Goobleygook

**Sharing this link because I know it will amuse some (I have around 5 certain people in mind. You know who you are!) of you as much as it amuses me.**

This morning I opened my Gmail to find an email from my mother reading thusly;

You're welcome...but finish your book too!-Mama"

Oh yes, that is correct. Online REFRIGERATOR POETRY!!!!!!

You know, like those little magnet sticky word that you form into dramaticatic, eloquent, or plain ridiculous sentences/poems/stories.
I love those.

In the first two minutes I came up with this.
"Understand the summer butterflies and their magic whisper,
For the story they tell is an old song of peace."

Utterly absurd, but fun!

Someday, when I finally have a file cabinet in my room (New they are like $80 and up! WHAT? Why? They are so ugly!!! I wanted a used one, 2 draws would be best, cool looking, preferably vintage, that I can spray paint shiny red and then SPLATTER PAINT. Quest is proving difficult. If anyone has a awesome cabinet that you want to...send me...for free...that would be great. K? Thanks.), I will purchase a whole bunch of those cute little magnets and write all sorts of wonderful nonsense.

One of my youth leaders has some fantastic ones on her apartment's fridge, including some great Old English words like "methinks" and lot of food product related words, that I greatly enjoy playing with. Endless possibilities. I may or may not have attempted to write phrases in Shakespearean iambic pentameter once. Hours of fun, I tell you (I like to fixate on things and little word magnets are great for long-duration fixation).

So the site above *MIGHT* just be for children, and the words might be obnoxiously stacked on one another and not layed out in nice neat lines like I would want them to be, but it is fun to mess around with until I complete my file cabinet quest.

Have fun, my friends, have fun!


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