Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Red leather, yellow leather...

 Hello happiness.
New 100% leather jacket. $19.99. Savers.
It is RED (where in the world DO they get those red cows...?).
It is the right length so I don't look any shorter than I already am.
 It looks good with my fedora.
 Love. Enough said.

Pretty happy with my find. I am still waiting for the day I find a really cool, really rough BLACK leather jacket in some second hand place. I've been looking for a while and cannot find anything that suits me. And I absolutely refuse to buy some vinyl, yukky fake from the mall. The day will come. But until then I will wear this one and keep looking.

*title from a random tongue twister/tongue warm-up thing I learned back in my acting days.
"Red leather, yellow leather, good blood, bad blood,
Red leather, yellow leather, LAVENDER leather."
Go ahead, say it. Lots of l's and vowel sounds. Good for your annunciation and...stuff.


Brick Walker said...

Where is your face???

Wide-Eyes said...

Woohoo! Love leather jackets! Maybe I will go out and buy it....:)

Tay in Real Life said...

love it!

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

You are probably the only the vegetarian I know who wears leather. And I know a lot of vegetarians.

Keep swimming upstream girl :-)

chelsea rebecca said...

what a good find!!
this is too cool and way funky!


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