Monday, May 10, 2010


I don't watch a lot of TV, I confess. I have too much to do to give any large portion of my life over to a big, black rectangle and a remote. People will ask me "Do you watch *_________* (insert words like American Idol, Lost, 24, etc)?" and I say "Nope." This usually gains me a shocked face or several questions. TV is a life sucker, so I avoid it as much as I can.

But some week nights, usually after the hour of 9:30, once my brain cannot really produce anything intelligible with written words, and all my fingers want to do is to crochet/knit/sew/create something, I tend to end up in my (as in, not really mine, but anyone who sits there gets lifted out and carried away to another place of seating) green chair in front of the telly.

I don't really have a favorite show, and the shows I do like don't ever end up on normal people's favorites lists so... we will skip to what I really want to talk about here.


Oh the things I could say about commercials. Some are fantastic. Some I cannot stand to the point of muting the TV and then doing voice overs.
Some of my current favorite commercials are the Old Spice ones (okay, I know, little weird, but...that are just so random it makes me laugh) Hillshire Farms *GO MEAT* (and yes, that did just come out of the mouth of a vegetarian. That, my dear children, is what we call irony.) and...


This cracks me up, every time. I may or may not have the YouTube link on my desk top. I don't wear contacts, I don't like contacts (Me, touch my eye? NO thank you!). There is just something wonderful about the intentionally cheesey acting, the weird way that man says "BRAAANNND!" , and when the woman says "look, look with your special eyes!"

Totally ridiculous! Every time I hear her say it I cannot control myself. I find it absolutely hysterical and I really don't know why. So that is today's quote. Watch the video. Just "look, look with your special eyes."

Does anyone else think this is worth laughing at? Will anyone else be walking around telling people to "look with their special eyes" today? Anyone else like commercials? Which ones?


emily michael said...

Me, being me, get up and dramatize this for whoever is watching tv with me whenever this comes on, or whenever someone is looking for something and asks me where it could be...

Wide-Eyes said...

I totally agree with the TV thing. Every always asks me "Do you watch so-and-so?" "Did you see *blank* last night?" I only watch, like, two TV shows and only once a week. There's nothing wrong with enjoying only movies!


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