Friday, April 9, 2010

Beautiful Misery

Spring Flowers Pictures, Images and Photos

Spring time. Pictures, Images and Photos

spring :3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Flowering trees are so pretty; you see them and you just know it is spring. I love driving down the road, windows down, smiling at all the lovely trees that telling me that spring is in full swing.

But I don't actually need to see them to know. I can SMELL them and that is quite enough.

You see, spring and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the beauty and the new life. The bright colors, the warm air, the sounds of birds during the day and little frogs by night.

But spring does not love me. At all.

As soon as things start budding, as soon as flowers start to bloom and all the trees put on a show with their delicate little blossoms, my allergies flip out.

And the trees are the worst offenders. It is like 3 weeks of torture by pollen. Pounding sinus headache so bad that my eyes feel like they are crossing. Can't breath through my nose. Endless sneezing--like 16 times in a row-- non-stop grabbing for Kleenex. So not fun.

Thankfully God took mercy on people like me and gave doctors the smarts to create things like Claretin and Zyrtec. If not, spring probably would have killed me by now.

**photo sources here, here and here

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