Monday, April 26, 2010


AWAKENING conference, 2010.
Thursday - Saturday *I was only there Thursday- Friday*.
Couple pictures.
Our youth group, Merge Ahead, did worship for the Friday 9:30 AM and the 2:00 PM sessions. There were around 1,000 kids there, we were on God TV and streaming live on the Web. But strangely enough, up on that stage it didn't feel any different than it did in front of 150, or just me in my room praising God alone. Worship isn't about an audience. Worship is about bringing glory to God and that is just what we did.
(I had intended to get a group picture of all of us together off stage but I forgot) Elijah: lead vocals, guitar. Josh: drums. Quinton: electric. JoJo: Bass. Randy: Keys (I also play keys, but we share.) Rachael: Vocals. Me: Vocals. Chris: sound.
I am so blessed to be able to be on a team with these guys. Not only are they talented musicians, and awesome men/woman of God, but PASSIONATE WORSHIPERS. This whole conference experience was amazing.
Setlist: - 1. Break Free. How He Loves. This is What You Gave (written by our very own, Josh). Second Chance.
2. More Than Anything. Tear Down the Walls. Came to My Rescue. This is What You Gave.
*and no, I am not singing some sort of screamo song... don't know what is up with my face....?
*you can almost see the whole team in this one. Minus sound guy, plus Pastor Jordan Boyce.

Random picture of me outside laying in the church's grass, totally unaware I am being photographed...

*the 4 previous pictures may or may not have been *borrowed* off of the facebook of a girl named Julie... (and for those of you freaking out thinking I have reactivated my dead for 8 months facebook, the answer is NO. I activated it. Stole pictures. Promptly Deactivated again. Facebook is the biggest life sucker ever; JOIN THE REVOLUTION!)

Our large group was too big to eat the pizza we ordered inside the hotel. So, we just ate it out of the back of a van in the hotel parking lot.

Me and my Mopeeps, pizza-ing. (lesson learned here: don't try to smile AND chew pizza at the same time. Looks weird.)

Some lovely Merge ladies eating pizza outside.

Guitarist Quinton, (Youth) Pastor Eric, (Worship) Pastor Mike, eating pizza out of a van, in a parking lot, OFF the very boxes the pizza came in because we ran out of paper plates. This is how we roll...

Sleep deprived me, trying to be artsy while holding my camera in my left hand, laying on muddy grass/asphalt, chewing pizza, and hiding my eyes from the sun.

The whole conference experience was phenomenal. I am so glad that one of my mom's friends came to my rescue and stepped in as child watcher so I could go. *THANKS MICHELE!*

I heard THE Jeanne Mayo preach (whoa that woman dropped the stick on us all). Also heard Adam McCain (who is as awesome to watch as he is to listen to), Jordan Boyce (who says hurricane really funny, and yells a lot) and Marco Debarros (who sang us a rap song). Then to top it all off Deluge Band came and did worship Friday night. That alone would have been enough for me to pay and drive to Rhode Island. So sick. And in case you like them as much as I do and are wondering, YES, they played "Crazy." And they played it TWICE! (video from conference 2009)

Hopefully I get to go back next year and stay for all of it. Maybe we will even do worship again. Either way, it was AMAZING and will have lasting effect wayyyy beyond just the 2 days I was there.
*taken off Ground Zero's flikr

*ps: pictures of my new sister and a bunch of stories to come. She is HOME and she is WONDERFUL. Be patient.


Brick Walker said...

Dang! a group pick would have been nice...oh well! :: ::

Isabella Kiss said...

I KNOW! that was why i orginally brought the camera. but i left it in my room friday morning and forgot all about it later on once we were done with our whole worship deal. *sigh. but we can get one some other time. :)

chelsea rebecca said...

oh wow!!
how fun!!!
i didn't know you sang!
thats so awesome!!!


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