Thursday, April 15, 2010

Piracy runs in the family.

Yesterday I mentioned that we would be adding another kid to my family in the next week. True. In the same week, we will also be adding a cousin!

My Aunt Rachael will be having her second son in just a few days!!!!! Almost 7 years ago she gave birth to her first son, and around the time he was born, so was his "blankey."

When she was expecting, I sewed a blanket for my soon to be cousin; this light blue/yellow duck print cotton on one side and light blue flannel on the other. Simple (I was only 12, so it was quite the project). I was just thinking it would be a nice gift to present to her at her shower. Plenty of other people gave him blankets, and there were other handmade ones, but my cousin became surprisingly attached to MINE, and he STILL sleeps with it to this day. The poor blanket is scarcely in one piece. It is totally threadbare. I wish I had a picture of the thing. (Next project is to make him a cover for it to prolong its life)

With the arrival of son #2 coming, I was commissioned to make yet another blanket (haven't made one since the first, 7 years ago, so that was interesting...). Machine sewing generally makes me angry, but because I love my aunt, uncle and their children, this was TOTALLY worth it! There was some drama involved in the making (little brother sabotaged the sewing machine), but I finally got it finished it! (*Actually, I am still going to sign Love; Bella on the bottom, just so he won't forget that his most awesome cousin made it for him.)

**Now, before I show you the pictures of this AWESOME blanket, you have to understand that my Aunt Rachael married my mom's brother, who is a PIRATE., not literally, but he is a pirate at heart, like me. My love of the piratical (and a good many other things) stems from him. Obviously this love of pirates has to be passed to his own kids.

So, without further ado, the baby blanket for the second pirate cousin.

*the front. Light blue, anchor-patterned cotton. Red, GINORMOUS appliqued skull. I LOVE IT. (and no, this won't scare him. He is a pirate. It is in his blood. Why would he be afraid of his own heritage?!)

*back. Dark blue flannel that reminds me of when the sun hits the ocean. Edged in red silky binding.

Ooooh, I am so excited to give it to the little guy! I hope he loves it as much as his older brother loves blankey! (and if not, my uncle will surely claim it for his own!)


Jen said...

I love it!!! How creative and different I can see how they would be attached to such a blanket! It has your personality and some family traits involved!! Why would they want a baby blue zoo blanket when they could have the coolest pirate blanket in the world!!!

Wanna make me one? LOL

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness this is the cutest!!


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