Friday, April 16, 2010

Anthro Adventure of Emikel and Jro

Sometimes you just need an adventure.

Since December my best friend, Emily Michael, has been enrolled in Hair Dressing-- or "Cosmetology," as fancy people call it-- school, like absolutely nonstop. I still see her quite a bit, but SO much less than I used to. And though she still lives at home and I see her for youth group related things, I miss her.

Thursday afternoon we had about an hour free before we had to pick up our siblings somewhere, so we went wandering around a nearby shopping plaza. We didn't really have purchasing anything in mind, we just needed to spend some time together. Though it was short it was nice to be able just to HANG OUT again.

We headed over to one of our favorite stores, just to look. Just to talk. Just to be the two of us.

The infamous Anthropologie. Dreamy place, it is. Neither of us are crazy enough to purchase anything in there, save for the occasional $15 book or $12 draw pull, but we both like to look and fantasize.

Emily like to say "If I had money, I'd buy that." or say "This makes me happy." (she says that a lot, because she is good at finding the happinesses of life) (and then she usually begins to sing a song by Nevershoutnever)

And I like to say "WHY is that so expensive!? I could SO make that."

And we both enjoy the atmosphere of it and agree that if we had more free time and a permanent interest in design we'd be visual interns there.

The adorable Emikel, who is intense enough to wear a dress to school, on a random Thursday and is cool enough to sit in a display and pretend like she belongs there.

The less cool me, wishing I had a big orange chair to go with my orange vintage lamp and crazy green couch. Or maybe wishing I lived IN that store...

Awesome little birdhouses made with scrap wood and recycled tin/aluminum stuff. I could care less about decorative birdhouses for...indoor bird nests?...I just liked the concept of the recycled metally things. And the fact I could have made them for less than the $35 dollars they cost.

**We also went in a little store called 'Francesca's.' I bought my mom and I matching luchador key covers for $5. Yes, seriously. My mom and I have an intense love of the movie 'Nacho Libre' so we really appreciate weird little things like luchador heads on a key... Hers is the blue one that looks like Nacho/Ignacio. Mine something? You're jealous. Don't lie, it is a sin.

I am blessed with an awesome best friend. She is just fun. We are totally different, yet SO alike. And we could do anything and have fun. They say that with your real friends you could sit in a room and not talk to each other at all and still have fun...well it is a true story. Except, Emily and I would probably be hanging upside down off furniture or standing on our heads or something weird, because sitting is far too normal for us...


Chloe Grace said...

Those two stores are my favorite stores at evergreen! In fact Lissy wanted to be a visual intern there, but she was not 18 :P AND leta applied there and she has a mini "Interview" there when she gets back.. if she works there.. freeeeee stuff.. and.. we can take home the beds and chairs and.. books and.. make friends with everybody and live there. yup.

Chloe Grace said...

I was talking about anthro, when I was talking about jobs and such.. forgot to add that in!


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