Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doodles and Daydreams.

I never really claim to be able to draw, but I do like to sketch a bit and mess around doodling when inspiration strikes me. And usually when the inspiration strikes, if I don't act immediately on it, I can no longer focus on anything else. Yes, I am obsessive.
This would be an example of said messin' around.
I was supposed to be listening to a lecture on coordinate cumulative sentences, but about half way in I could take it no longer. I had to hit pause and do something minor-ly artist outside of sentence structure or I would have had a brain rupture.
After drawing(but not very well, her eyes are like totally different sizes)for 2 minutes I felt better and was able to resume my studious note taking.


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

YOU HAVE WHAT I HAVE!!! I don't know what it's called, I have to ask my doctor, but it's when you're suddenly like, "IF I DON'T GET A UTENSIL AND BLANK SURFACE AREA IN FRONT OF ME IN 10 SECONDS I WILL KILL THE NEAREST LIVING THING AND DRAW/PAINT WITH ITS JUICES"

Maybe that's a little extreme. But it's okay, it's a medical condition, there's nothing anyone can do.

chelsea rebecca said...

aw this is awesome!
i totally doodle when i can't concentrate! but mine aren't as good as yours!


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