Monday, November 30, 2009

Bloglandria, Meet Mr. Awsumly.

I have a new friend.
He happens to be made of several colors of felt and he has brown buttons for eyes.
His name is Mr. Adam Awsumly, the Second. (I threw the Adam in there as tribute to Adam Young of the band Owl City)

Mr. Adam Awsumly is an owl. (He, however, doesn't live in a city...)

After playing around on Etsy (view mine!) I discovered people selling little critters and monsters made of felt. I found them rather adorable and set of to make a 3D Mr. Awsumly.
You see, in order for Mr. Awsumly the Second to exist there must be a Mr. Awsumly the First.
Here is the Senior of the two.
He is rather flat. Mr. A. Awsumly the 1st is on a shirt. One night I was bored and was thinking about how much I like owls...
So I stuck one on a black t-shirt. It is pretty sweet.

I am not sure what I am going to do with 3d Awsumly...I might put him up on Etsy....? Or I might just hold him and...squish him...? Because I can....

Both of the Awsumlys are very nice, in my opinion. And if I keep up this owl stuff I might just have a city...


Kimmie said...

Hmm, and as I looked at my camera...I wondered where the owls had come from. Yesterday as we got our Christmas tree, they had not existed. After I arrived home ...there they'd be.

Mystery solved.

emily michael said...

you should....make more and stuff them with lavender or coffee beans. because those are two of the bestest smells in the world, and who wouldn't want a city of felt owls that smell like lavender and coffee?

Isabella Kiss said...

im not too sure about those 2 together...but one or the other could be very nice.... hmmmmmmmmmmm. and he would prolly stand up better if he had coffee in his butt. good plan. i just might do that :)


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