Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Hey, have I mentioned that I make awesome hats?"

That title there is my new favorite phrase; I say it quite frequently. I have been saying it so much that I am pushing my younger sister, "Faz," to the point of anger and mild acts of violence. She took my hat away and wouldn't give it back until she was sick of me doing a loud car alarm impression.

But really, have I mentioned it? I DO. I make some seriously awesome hats.
In the last day and a half I created this SCHWEET beret out of some fuzzy red yarn [Sensations,SUMPTUOUS, 100% Acrylic, if you care] that Emikel bought be for Christmas last year (I tend to cherish and save my creative supplies until I think of the perfect project for them.).
I really wanted to use it to make a beret, but I couldn't find a pattern that I liked. I have previously done 2 berets, and even followed real people patterns, but they came out too small and not at all like I wanted them too. By the way, I have a new favorite resource site, for those of you who like to knit- - it might change your life. I spent an hour on there looking through patterns, getting inspired, but not quite finding what I was envisioning for usage of my red hot yarn. Then I looked at berets at Target; a normal person would have at that point bought one of the fine hats at Target for around 15 bucks and given up.
But I am not normal and I do not give up.

So, because I couldn't find a pattern, I made one up, stitch by stitch. Things always work out best for me that way...
And let me just tell you, it is uber fantastic.

If I can remember how I did it (in an understandable, and pattern-like way) I might type it up and put it on here. I think I will have to make a couple more before I have it that precise though...

Anyway, here it be, in all its glorious beauty;

(this is G.I Jaimie, if you care. Normally this monkey serves as a rack for my tie and my fedora, but today she started a modeling career...)

Now, I dare you to accuse me and my hobbies of being "grandmotherly" (apparently that is what knitting is...? according to some people...). Bring it. But really now, how many awesome hats have you made lately? Grandmotherly or not, I am happy with my past times. I like knitting. I also like grandmothers. And by the way, knitting is an up and coming art form; get in the loop.

Next I am going to attempt making a sweater. And no, it's not dorky or ugly. It's really cool and you (those of you of the female gender who wear sweaters) will be most jealous. I've found the pattern (not too scary, only 2 pages long...but looks are sometimes deceiving), picked out the yarn with the help of my sister T, and now only have to get brave enough to start...


Harrison Goodale said...

its true. you make good hats indeed.

emily michael said...

I was about to ask if you'd found a good beret pattern cause I wanted to make one...nice yarn ;) I like it.
And we visited my great aunt and she was it tickled that a girl my age was knitting. She was impressed with my one and only sock :D


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