Friday, November 27, 2009

"Now I know why God created laws against gluttony..."

A question I get asked a lot at holiday time is "WHAT DO YOU EAT ON THANKSGIVING!?"
You see, I am a vegetarian and people seem to think that the only thing worth eating on the holiday of Thanks is turkey...
Let me tell you, I do okay with out turkey, stuffing, gravy and all other meaty substances.
And I am brave enough to tell you exactly, to the best of my memory, what I ate yesterday;

- Mozzarella Balls- those I lost count of. The Italian in me took over and I lost control...
- Cucumbers- several slices. No dip. I have an odd disliking of all things white and fluffy...
- Other Italian cheeses- enough slices to fit on the many crackers I ate, which I also lost count of....
- 7 slices of really good Italian bread- Family tradition; without this bread we cannot celebrate any holidays.
- 3 servings of Corn Pudding- this is Thanksgiving to me; besides the bread it is really all that I care about food-wise. I had my Aunt double the recipe because there never seems to be enough for me and my cousins.
-1 Serving of Mashed Potatoes- typical.
- Salad- no dressing.
- 1 slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake- Yummmmm.
-1 slice of Pumpkin Pie- also yum.
- 1 Cranberry/Coconut/Chocolate/and some other stuff Bar- this was new. My mom and sister created it...twas pretty good.
- Three cups of coffee- 1 was decaf!
-Several other beverages of the punch-like variety- gotta stay hydrated!

Okay, maybe not wholly well balanced and slightly lacking in protein, but I certainly didn't starve. So you can all stop worrying about me now. Onto Christmas we go!


Harrison Goodale said...

sounds delectable, and I'm pretty sure I know where you got that quote from.

Brick Walker said...


Isabella Kiss said...

it was. really. i am not going over 2 caffienated beverages a day. i'm being good.
and yes hedge, i did just quote kodi...but i figured that was a story that didn't need to be explained on my blog :)


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