Monday, November 9, 2009


This weekend I was at a Pastors' conference (*no, i am no a pastor, nor do I pretend to be; I was playing keyboard for worship) and there I learned a very interesting lesson about...tightrope walking? Yes, tightrope walking.

Pastor Mike Cavanaugh, who was the speaker there, was teaching on church leadership and such and somewhere in his teaching he got to an example of having vision, which tied into tightrope walking. I found it quite interesting.

Apparently somewhere in his pastoral career he got to meet Tino Wallenda. Yes, of the legendary "Flying Wallendas" circus family ( ). They got to talking about tightropes and how the Wellendas starting training all their children to do it on a rope just barely off the floor at a very young age, like 2 -3 years old! Pastor Mike, just a bit older than 3, then asked if Tino could teach HIM to walk a tightrope.

Tino agreed and took him to a thin little rope just two feet off the ground and said that the first thing he needed to know about tightrope walking was this;


Wow. Think about it. That's some good advice.

Tino told him to fix his eyes on a high point somewhere in front of him, rather than looking down. Looking down is scary, but looking up straight forward isn't so bad. Tino knows what he is talking about; that's him riding a bicycle up there...

And trust me. I know too. I've bungeed 265 feet off of a bridge.

But back to vision;
What are you setting your sights on? The promise of the favor of God? Or failure? After hearing this, maybe you want to refocus...

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