Monday, November 16, 2009



Absolute. Favorite. Song. Lyric.

This past week I couldn't find my ipod (found it yesterday, but its now uncharged...) so I was at the mercy of whatever CDs I had in my car as I drove to and from dust assassin destinations (I clean houses. But I find that is a boring job description so I refer to myself as the Dust Assassin), church, dance, other such things, and shopping trips for the new room. Recently, I have been listening to Skillet's latest album- Awake- which is phenomenal, but after hearing it over and over and over and over, I searched around my car for something I hadn't listened to in a while. My CD visor contained an album called "In the Name of Love," a bunch of Christian artists doing U2's songs as some sort of African fundraiser. I popped that in and it has kept me entertained over the last week.

I love U2.

I grew up listening to U2, one of my dad's favorite bands, and I formed a great appreciation for them. Their music is good, but their lyrics are just...amazing sometimes. As I said, that lyric up there is my all time favorite, and I know and like A LOT of songs.

I love music. Partly because I love it for its musical qualities, partly because I am a musician, and mostly because I can't bear silence. Or maybe I just enjoy destroying it...? I am always listening to something, singing something, or...talking to myself...but that's another post, so don't worry about it...

I cannot pick favorites well; picking favorite bands or favorite songs is a toughy. I have a really broad range in musical taste- my ipod contains everything from Heavy/Hardcore to Josh Groban, from Phantom of the Opera to 80's rock, Alternative to Irish Folk, Rap to Instrumental, Worship to Disney soundtracks...when I said broad, I seriously meant it.

But, I would have to say that Skillet is my FAVORITE band because I love John Coopers raspy, unique voice, I love their use of the keyboard mixed with heavy, grungy guitar parts, I am drawn symphonic-type rock (any song where there is a screaming/yelling dude with a violin in the background's a winning situation), their lyrics are great, and I also like that their drummer is a girl.

But picking favorite songs is reaaaaalllly hard and it constantly changes. Current top fifteen;

- Whispers in the Dark- Skillet
- Comatose -Skillet
- Forgiven - Skillet
- Snow (Hey Oh)- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- So, In This Hour- The Rocket Summer
- Brat Pack- The Rocket Summer
- Shadows- RED
- Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
- Hot Air Balloon - Owl City
- Buffalo Solider - Bob Marley
- Ohh Ahh- Grits
- Sunday, Bloody Sunday- U2
- Amazing Because It Is- The Almost
- Starlight- Muse
- All Consuming Fire- Misty Edwards

Point of this post- I love music. And as a writer to the core, I especially love clever lyrics that make you think about something other than just noise coming out of someones mouth. Conversely, I can't stand lame lyrics that are meaningless or lyrics that happen to sound like 7 trillion other over-used/cliche-y songs.
You should too.
And if you have an fantastically clever lyrics in your own personal favorites, tell me. I'd love to hear 'em.


Harrison Goodale said...

Red Hot Chili Peppers in the top FIVE!!! YAY. and as for clever lyrics just wait till our band gets off the ground.

Isabella Kiss said...

what can I say? I LOVE that song. i can listen to it allllll day and still love it! :)

Elisabeth Black said...

Do you like Over the Rhine? They have some really thoughtful lyrics.

Isabella Kiss said...

Hello there Beth, I see you found my blog! I just left a comment on yours!
I have actually never heard of Over the Rhine, what style of music are they?

Elisabeth Black said... One of my favorites, from their first album I think. Their sound has changed over the years, and I haven't heard much of the newest stuff.

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks! i'll check them out.


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