Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Adventures of Emikel and Jro...


Spring sometime in 2007, at a little park in the town we both used to live in as small kiddos. Little airplane made for children much lighter than the two of us.
We were soaring. We were flying. We were singing Highschool Musical. (we weren't actual HSM fans. we were more...mockers... and we, to this day, take every opportunity to sing any song from anywhere along with our lives.)


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

You have to be careful with that.
The following is a true story:

When we went on our Senior Picnic in high school, my friends and I were playing on those things, except they were all animals and had springs, and one of my friends (who is not a big girl) got on a frog and was rocking it a little too hard and it snapped and both her and the frog tumbled to the ground. We ran away.
The end.

Isabella Kiss said...

haha. that is great. i have also climbed into a little springy hippo (or rhino...or somethingo) and it was definately for like 2 years olds and I rode that beast...i think i have that on video...
but yeah, i try not to break stuff :)

emily michael said...

Yes...well, I can't help myself when it cones to springed animals and aeroplanes. :)
welcome to danged walking musical called, My Life ;)


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