Friday, November 27, 2009

A Bag for a "Dual-Brained" Weirdo.

At this point we are all pretty clear on the fact that I love to create stuff.
Why? Well, I'm not too sure...
Sometimes people can pinpoint whether they are "left-brained" or "right-brained," but I sort of break all the rules and come out as both. (I'm an oxymoronical freak, what can I say!)
  • I am right handed, very analytic, good at logic, extremely organized, highly obsessive, strong-willed, and I like to plan things out...this makes me left-brained.
  • On the other hand (no, I am not ambidextrous, but I did try for a couple months. Failed.), I am highly creative, love music and art, I see things uniquely, I love to write, and I am rather daring and crazy...this would make me right-brained. (I just took this test and it told me I was 45% left brained and 55% right-brained. Pretty accurate for something on the Internet)

But I am who who I was created to be, I like me that way and if you don't, too bad, it is not my fault. Take that one up with God...

We will move on now...

I basically love creativity because it is art. I delight in the ability to take something and form it into something else, unlike anything anyone else has.
Once I am accomplished at making one thing (say, hats) I have to move to something bigger and harder just to see if I can do it (like the sweater).
So, having made so many roundish, appliqued bags, I was getting bored. Plus my purse, the cool converse-y one, had seen so much love that the handles were wearing through and the poor thing needed to go into retirement.

Obviously I needed a new bag.
Obviously I wasn't buying one.
Obviously I had to make it!

And this time I made it totally different, just to see if I could.
Out of the scraps of other peoples bags and other random sewing projects I created my latest masterpiece. No appliques, no round edges. Instead, it is a cornucopia of quadrilaterals!

It is just a little crazy, but seeing as it is for me, I think it is just perfect!

If you stare closely, you might be able to find a swatch of fabric that looks familiar to you. I spy Emikel's bag, several of my own bags, my shirt, Sam's bag, my sister's bag, Sarah's bag, Julia's bag, a bag for Kendra's sister, my mom's bag and some other random stuff...

I also decided to put some of my extensive collection of buttons, from concerts and travels, to use.

I think my favorite one is the collection of multicolored skull one. I'm partial to pirates...

Now, I am happy and you are jealous.

The end.


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

That's so cute!

Isabella Kiss said...

thnx weeze!

emily michael said...

1.) do I also spy a green/brown patch from our magical matching bags?
2.) I like how "my patch" has a trs button on it and how it matches PERFECTLY!

Isabella Kiss said...

yes, to both 1 and 2. :)


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