Thursday, October 21, 2010

Overdue post for VISITOR REBUILT (more shameless endorsing)

Two weeks ago the band of my good  friends Nathan, Harrison, James and Caleb - "Visitor Rebuilt"- did a show at UCONN. It was pretty much their first big show, at which they had their first EP under their first label. Kinda a big deal. (and you should look them up on Facebook, PureVolume, Myspace or google them. They are awesome guys both inside and outside of the band)

I didn't get very many pictures in the low, low light with my dinky camera, but...I tried.

 *The EP, Ever Rising. Album art done by our wonderful friend Sarah Louise Upjohn. Photo on back done by ME!

 Long story, but basically I have a nickname given to me by the band and it is the "Band Aid" (as in the helper/slave of the band). This is my "Band Aid" shirt-it says so on the front- and I was a goof and made them sign my back. They need a liiiiiittttle practice before they are famous. Some of them...*nathan* took several tries. Get working on it guys. :) )

 James decided that they should put out ear plugs and label them as free "marshmellows"??

 Robbie May and Jimmy Wilson of "Paint the Shore", another pretty cool local band of friends of ours.

 Nathan, the frontman, guitarist and vocalist.

 Classic bass (Harrison) and guitar (Nathan) duel.

 James (the drummer) stood up (still hitting the kick) and played mandolin on one song, just because he has such a talent.

Left to right: Harrison, Nathan, James, Caleb.
*Harrison is poking Nathan because...well, it is another long story, but basically he shrieks and it is funny.
The show was pretty sweet and they have another one coming up soon. Until then, take a listen to their song "With These Arms." If I was asked to pick a favorite VR song, this one would be it. I admit to listening to it on repeat...
Sorry, the video quality is not-so-great, is all I got. Watch the video and then... GO BE THEIR FANS ON FACEBOOK!!!!

With These Arms- Visitor Rebuilt (October 8th, 2010) from MyNameisNotKing on Vimeo.


Visitor Rebuilt said...

Thanks for the post! Without a doubt the best bandaid ever.

Brick Walker said...

So basically you are Quinton...


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