Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frith Up a Tree!

   I think this photo epitomizes me-ness.
We have got red high tops to match my red and black outfit (and ANIMAL shirt).
I am raising my eyebrow in my typical sardonic manner.
I did not brush my hair.
I am up a tree.
And if you look closely, I have a mustache (I was told I was a female buccaneer, as I was handed this pink mustache for a scavenger/mustache hunt) stuck to my chin as a goatee, just to add some customary humor.

While there are other things that could be added to this picture to make it "more me-ish" (such as a cuppa coffee, a pen, a keyboard, a camera, atr supplies, etc) I feel that it was a very good accidental summation of who I am.

*photo cred to the amazing Beth of Common Places.
*title quote from Watership Down (one of my favorite books)


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

You know what would be cool? A whole forest of Bella trees. Then everyone could pick them and put them in baskets and have their very own Bella(s).

Isabella Kiss said...

Louise...there is and forever will be only ONE Bella. Well...'cept for that vampire loving one but she is a poser. And honestly, if there were more than one of me in the world it might be scary for the rest of ya'll. :)

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Well the vampire and the miniBella. But neither of them are Isabellakissesandhugsandcuddling.

Yeah maybe that would be a little overwhelming now that I think about it... Like, who would be leader?


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