Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Funnanigans.

Today is my best friend "Emikel's" (Emily Michael to the rest of the world) birthday. She is 19, graduates from cosmetology school next weekend, and...she is amazing.

Yesterday, for her birthday, she and our friend Sam(antha) got their noses pierced. My friend Louise and I went along for moral support and to pretend we were their mothers (or something). Em and Sam have been planning to get nose piercings...well...since forever. Like 7th grade or something. And yesterday they finally went and did it. They TRIED to get me and Louise to do it too, but (to quote myself) "My nose is the same yesterday, today and forever."

But still I had fun. Just about anything with those 3 girls is a good time.

 *oops. Finger on the flash. :)

 Nosies, prior to piercings.

 Emikel, PRETENDING she was nervous. As you can see she has had needles shot through her ears many, many times so this was no big deal for her. Honestly, she didn't even flinch. 

 Sam, with a NOSE RING!

 Marked and cleaned.

Checking out the placement before they put the needle to her nostril.

 Final product. Stud in nose, and wearing her new birthday hoodie 
(made by ME! She is a piratical chick, like myself, and this suits her perfectly. Purple is her favorite color, she loves skulls, and if you look closely those are swords, but HAIR CUTTING SHEARS!)  
You're so cute, Emily Michael. And I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!



Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

We are the best moms in the universe.

Also your thumb did super cool things right thur.

out of the frame said...

I love the design on that hoodie! Svaka čast as they say here in BiH :)


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