Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ministry of Chalk Board Encouragement.

These two girls make me smile.

Simenesh (13) and Tia (11) are pretty awesome, and I am blessed to have them as sisters. I have a multitude of family members, but, this week, these two win.

Simenesh joined our family back in the spring. She spoke very little English (as English is not what is spoken in Ethiopia...). But she has come a long, long way. She is one smart kid and her English is improving in leaps and bounds. She amazes me. She now fits right it and it is like she was always here. God is cool that way.

Recently she has started an encouragement "ministry." In our kitchen we have an antique chalk board hanging on the wall and for the last month or so she has been leaving encouraging messages (with the help of Tia) on it for one family member per-week (or so). She did my dad. She did my mom. And then she kept moving down the line...

Now, I've had a pretty rough week. I have a lot going on and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. But apparently this week is my week for encouragement. And believe you me, I needed some.
I had to smile when yesterday morning I woke up to this:

Normally I am a grammar policewoman, but...this much love transcends grammatical rules.  :)

Tia and Simenesh, you're are wonderful.

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Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

THAT is an awesome ministry.
You are blessed.


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