Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn's Images (3)

A couple days ago I went and spent an afternoon at my grandparent's farm out in the country. More great fall shots resulted.

I wound up putting around 30 shots up on my flickr, and obviously a blog post of 30 pictures would be overwhelming, so here are a couple favorites. I'll break it into 2 posts. Today's will be walking in the woods. Farm equipment to come!

 This is a rock in a stonewall. It was named Jackson.

 I like(n) lichen and fungi is fun. (And I'm a dork...)

 "Do not taste, do not touch, do not handle. "
(Col 2:21- Biblical guidelines for contact with worldly things, Pastor Steve Carpenter's rules of dating, and my rules of forest berry collecting...only not really, because we picked them...)


 Here comes the sun...


 Our Ethiopian American Picker

 Remember the height from which you have fallen...

 strange angled waist shot.

 "Isabella, why are you lying on the ground?", says my Grandmother.

 barks, not bites.
3 generations. Forest/nature loving runs deep in Kiss blood.
(Haha, isn't adoption amusingly awesome! Genetics are highly overrated...)

 Well, maybe genetics count for something. 
My mom obviously had some sort of influence on me... else would I have turned out as weird/awesome as I am?

That was our woods walk. Tune in next time to get up close and personal with colorful, rusted and sharp farm apparatus!

*also, more to come! Before we went outside my grandmother- who is a creative beast such as I am- taught me how to make "granny squares" (little crocheted squares typically made my elderly retired women, but also can be made by awesome, ardent, hotlikewasabi, creative 19 year old granddaughters...) out of all my tiny balls of scrap yarn. I AM GOING TO MAKE A BLANKET!!!! I've made 15 already! (but I need somewhere between 108 and 144...). Pictures of that project coming soon.


Amie said...

Making blankets for your next missionary trip??

Isabella Kiss said...

Nah, I am actually being selfish and making it for myself for bragging rights...
Actually, I am just trying to get rid of my random tiny balls of scrap yarn from other projects. It is just something to do with my fingers when I am watching TV late at night. but if it turns out nice i might make some to give as gifts...when I have money to buy more yarn(saving for a CAMERRRAAAA!!!)

Isabella said...

Hey! Thank you for your comment on my blog! Let me say that you have an excellent name too :D I love the USA, unfortunatelu i've never had the chance to go there yet, but I'm always dreaming to moving there for a couple of month!
Btw I can't believe you have relatives in Pisa! The world is actually smaller than we thought :D

I follow your blog, hope you'll follow mine too!


Kayla Sue said...

I LOVE the one of the trees with the sun shining through, so pretty! Great shots!


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