Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn's Images (4)

As promised in the last post, I am going to load some up-close/macro/abstract/random pictures that I took at my grandparent's farm of my Grampie's various pieces of farm equipment. I had a lot of fun with this; I think, besides shooting people candidly, doing abstract/macro shots is my favorite. I enjoyed it. Now you can enjoy my pictures!


Rach said...

It's RED!

Isabella said...

From what these pictures show, I guess that place must be freaking awesome!


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

i really love that second shot!

Kayla Sue said...

I love the one of the chain!! Very cool pics... I love the farm setting:)

Marta said...

lovely shots!

Zoƫ Kate said...

Lovely! I want a macro lens so bad....well, first I want a DSLR...then I want a macro lens.

Nice work! Hope the writing is going well!


haneliven said...

I love your pictures! You've captured the fall colors so beautifully.
thanks for sharing with the world!

Isabella Kiss said...

Thanks so much for the encouragements everyone!


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