Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snapshot of July.

Alright, my friends. The last month of my life ( of August as well...) have been just crazy. And not a lot of blogging has gone to document it, other than a couple Costa Rica posts. So, today I am going to try and get you up to speed with my life by giving you little snapshots of what has been going on.

Ready, set, GO! the beginning of the month I went to Costa Rica. I think you are all aware of this... there will be more pictures to come when they hand out the disk of the thousands of pictures that the 5 photographers took during the trip. As I was always behind the big, fancy camera belonging to Merge Ahead, I hardly took any on my own dinky little digital. Classic plane shot...

 I discovered KIWI gelato. In Costa Rica. Oh. My. Goodness. I am an Italian at heart (and in blood) and gelato is a favorite of mine (though I don't like ice cream?). And I have to say, these Costa Ricans are on to something here. Italians! Catch on! Make green and sour gelato!!!!

During the Costa Rica trip (with the help of the AMAZING Jeff Crandall) I discovered just how much I love photography.  It is going to be my new artistic pursuit. Until I get me a REAL camera, I have been messing around with my mom's Nikon D40. Couple shots of my incredibly adorable little sister "lil' Squish", in an incredibly ridiculous outfit, making the most incredibly incredible faces.

I went and spent a day at the Bronx Zoo, in New York, with my family. I think it was like the busiest, and maybe hot and humid-est, day of the year. Crowds EVERYWHERE. Long lines. And sweltering. Not quite the trip we had planned out, but still fun none the less. And I got to play photographer (and child -watcher) all day!

I bought a fantastic suede backpack for $9 at Savers. Oh HAPPY DAY! I love the thing. I have now officially given up on purses and will be using this soft and fuzzy beast. I think I have to. It is in my blood. I have very vivid memories of a childhood filled with my mom and Kiss relatives carrying leather backpacks. Now I am legit! YES!

 I had a bonfire with my amazing friends before summer tries to end on us. We played a whoooolllle lot of soccer with my younger siblings (and whole lot is an understatement), played instruments, burned stuff, ate the stuff we burned. And over all had fun.

At the bonfire we also had cake. Very special cake in which we stuck SPARKLERS!!! You see, it wasn't just any old bonfiring (?) cake, it was a cake for my friend JoJo ( who leaves this Monday for the Air Force, where he will be working with things that explode... 
We are uber proud of him and will miss him greatly for the 4 years he will be Air Forcin'. He is in our prayers (See! It says so! Right on that amazing cake!!) and should be in your too!

Skillet, Whispers in the Dark from MyNameisNotKing on Vimeo.
 I went to go see my favorite band, Skillet open for Creed. Videoed (badly) my favorite song. Horrid quality. Horrid sound. And it is sideways. But somehow, it is worth it to me.... Skillet is just so amazing. John Cooper has a wonderful raspy voice. And their drummer is a GIRL! And she sings at the same time! And wears a dress with black buckling boots! I mean, how cool can you get!? I'll be honest and say I wish I was her...

 Went on a mall adventure and tried on lots of fake glasses with my favorite 16 year old, Mopeeps. 

 House sat for a week for 2 incessantly licky Boston Terriers by the names of Ozzy and Boaz (didn't take this picture. Source.)

 And last, but certainly not least, I purchased some suspenders. Call me crazy, but I love 'em. I have stuck my thumbs under them and snapped them at least 15 times today. It is like a party of elasticiness that holds up pants. Too fun!

 So. There ya go. July and the beginning of August, in photos with itty bitty captions. Good times.


Casey said...

Hi this is Casey from HBB. I got your blog comment about your background. I looked in your code and you still have the old code and no new code. You will need to erase that old code and put the new code onto your blog. Also, I'm not sure if they will show up with the template you are using. :)

size too small said...

1. i love the suspenders and 2. such a fun looking summer.

Amie said...

Your sister is so funny!

Miss K said...

Hi! I hope you'll check out my online, Christian magazine for tween/teen girls: I would love it if you subscribe!!! :)

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

You don't like ice cream either?! Add that to reasons we are soul sisters.


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