Thursday, August 19, 2010

My sassy sister.

I have 5 sisters, but the two year old is BY FAR the sassiest of them all. Maybe the sassiest kid in America. She is almost one of the most adorablest.

My mom had a friend over and I was supposed to be entertaining Avi in my room, so she was out of the way. Instead she entertained me. She played my keyboard, bossed me around, explored my closet, and sang happy birthday to my cat (whose birthday it was not). Cute stuff...

Avi's musical skills along with her freakish smarts and abundant sass. from MyNameisNotKing on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

AVI is the most adorablest two year old baby girl ever! wowzers, that was so cute!!! :)


Isabella Kiss said...

whole-heartedly agreed. :)

Paige said...

so cute! things that wonderful can only happen in real life :)

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!


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