Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want one of those...

Yes!  It is what you think it is.


You take a penny (or a coin of any sort...or anything really) and scratch off the gold surface layer on the places that you have been. How fun is that!?

I found this (on IWOOT...aka "I want one of those".com) and I seriously do want one. And for $22.78 it could be mine ('cept for the fact I am trying to save money, not spend it on tomfoolery...)! It is like the coolest map ever. I'd hang it on the slanty-wall/ceiling (I live in an attic so there is a lot of slant-y-ness) over my bed, then I'd conquer the globe and scratch off the stuff with currency from the country I "conquered." Way too fun!
If I had money for wastin' I'd waste it on this. Just thought I'd share...


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