Thursday, June 10, 2010

Step aside, Jackson Polleck, Bella's taking over...

I love splatter painting. I absolutely love it. Some things in life just always make me happy (walking in the rain, random dancing, the smell of coffee, certain songs) and splatter painting is among them. Usually I am painting props and backdrops for my church's Youth/Kid's ministry, but if given the opportunity to do my art elsewhere, I'll take it. Any flat surface'll do.

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had been looking for a file cabinet in which to...file things. As usual, Yahweh provided just what I needed.

You see that? Yup, it says free. And you want to guess what it is? Whoa, that is RIGHT, a FILE CABINET!!!!!!
When at my family's cabin in Vermont for a long weekend, we found this baby at a tag sale. And strangely enough, the guy didn't want any money for it. Little rusty in places, and one side was a tad dinged up, but FREE? Really? All the other ones (even used) were $50 and up. Oh for SURE I will take one for free!!!!! We stuffed it in the back of my Durango and brought it back to Connecticut.

Before picture. Required a bit of sanding and some tricky taping off. Also, I fought a small battle, armed with "Goo-be-Gone" and a rag, against that sticker, but before long I had her all ready for paint. Red paint.

High gloss, candy apple red, metal paint. 2 cans. My arm actually hurt when I got done from holding the nozzle down. And my hands were a weird pinky color.

Hello beautifulness, my name is Bella.
*tape still on. No, I did not paint the handles... I'm way more pro than that!*

Do you guys see that thing? How awesome is it?! I don't know if anyone else is as excited as I am, but... this is seriously the most amazing piece of metal ever. I bet even THE Jackson Polleck never had a storage/filing system as cool as this one!

I adore it. Not only do I now have a place to store things, I have a place to store things that is red, splattery and hotter than wasabi. ANNNND it is metal so I can magnet things on the side! It is right next to my bed, so when I wake up the first thing I see is my crazy, highlighted calendar stuck up on the side of it.
**And in case you read the other post and are wondering, no, I haven't gotten magnetic words yet. But I assure you, I will.**

Yeah, that is right, you should now be feeling jealous. Take it easy, that is a sin.

Anybody else want one? Like I said before, I will take any chance I get to stick my hand into a paint can and spread the drips around in an artful manner. And I may or may not have signed my name on the back of it...could be worth millions some day.


beka said...

hello dear, hope you're having a lovely afternoon!
I've got a surprise for you over at my blog;)

And oh, I love that red!
You did a wonderful job!!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my gosh this is too cool!!!
I LOVE IT! and such a great idea to spruce up a drab filing cabinet!!!

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Great job dear.

Abbie said...

I hopped over from Beka's blog - and I love your style and uniqueness over here! I'm bookmarking you :)

Red file cabinet? Genius.



out of the frame said...

wow it looks awesome! good job :)


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