Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wake up call by way of sandwiches and birds...

This morning I woke up at 5:52. That for me is a little unusual. On most days I am up around 7:30/8:00 (save for Sundays when I am up at 5:30. Worship team sound check at 7:00...) But this morning sleeping past 6:00 wasn't going to happen. Why?


What? A ginormous sandwich (...filled with meat...) kept you (... a vegetarian...) from sleeping in?
Well, no, not exactly. It wasn't a muffalatta sandwich that woke me up, but a bird, who I named Muffalatta. (just because it was the first thing to come to mind...)

This is he.
Craziest bird I have ever met. And he and I are pretty well acquainted at this point. I talked to him about 13 times this morning.

5:52 am my sister is saying "a suicidal bird keeps flying into our window!"
I sit up. There is indeed a crazy bird on my window sill. A robin. He is beating my window with his wings and pecking at it quite furiously with his beak. I get up and ask him what his problem is. He doesn't at all care that I am two inches from him, separated only by glass. Soon he flies off into a near by tree. I get back into bed thinking "hmmm. weird." I intended to go back to sleep...

But 2 minutes later he is back. And he isn't suicidally flying INTO the window. He flies up to it, quite gracefully, lands on the sill, and then begins flippin' out again.
 I get up and look at my desk (which is up against the window he is on) trying to figure out if there is something he wants, or something that is upsetting him. I move the metal silhouette of a raven/crow (I have a thing for ravens.  I have a metal one on my desk because live ones in my room aren't permitted by law. His name is Cornix Astrum if you care...) thinking maybe this robin THINKS he is a blue jay and wants to attack my raven (blue jays taunt big birds...). I thought maybe if I removed the fake raven, the robin would be able to chill himself out. Nope.

He leaves. And he comes back. Over and over again.

Now, I assure you, this bird looks healthy and sane, as far as birds go. Plump and pleasant looking. Not old. Not sickly. Nice looking feathers and bright eyes. I've seen sick birds and this wasn't one. This was just a trouble making, loco bird.
It was a male, so he wasn't trying to take anything off my desk to make a nest, and it isn't trying to protect its young. I promise you, there were no worms on my desk. And I don't think it was because of his reflection...
So I still have no clue what his problem was. He just kept coming back, pecking at the glass, and being a spaz.

So my only conclusion was he wanted to come in and live with me.

"Lacianna, I am about to open the window and let that thing in here, just to see what it is he wants."
"No, you're not. And he will fly right into the ceiling fan."
"Nope. I'd turn it off first. Maybe he wants to be my pet chipmunk. Only one way to find out..."

**fear not, I did not let a bird in my room. Mostly because my cat would have eaten him. If I didn't have three cats, I might have tried it...**

Muffalatta the crazy robin from MyNameisNotKing on Vimeo.

*sorry it is fuzzy. I was taking it from my bed and the zoom on my camera is not so awesome...


Beth said...

Oh, I've heard of birds doing this! I think he's seeing his reflection in the glass, and he thinks it's another male robin encroaching on his territory. I think I've heard of people putting big owl stickers on their windows to stop this, maybe? You could experiment with drawing on the glass with dry erase markers - that might discourage him? Or you could try putting a really menacing stuffed animal on the window sill?

Isabella Kiss said...

...apparently my face wasn't menacing enough...? hmmmm. well he has stopped...for now. :/


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